Our concept

In Florida USA, on the very attractive Anna Maria Island in the Gulf of Mexico, which is very popular with vacationers, Triton Bend II LLC buys developed or undeveloped plots of land and develops them according to a clear concept. As a rule, the existing properties on the plots are demolished and replaced by clearly designed and luxurious new buildings.

The newly constructed properties fully meet the expectations and needs of discerning tenants. Both the construction method with the materials used and the stylish and very high-quality interior design of the houses make them absolute top properties on the market. This is also the reason for the strong rental performance of our properties and the high sales prices achieved.

From purchasing, project planning, the construction phase and monitoring through to letting and managing the properties, everything comes from a single source – ours!

This is the only way we can achieve the quality that sets us apart in the long term. Our investors benefit significantly from this approach. In order to secure all investments in the long term, all our properties are covered by flood insurance (hurricane and flooding) and loss of earnings insurance.

Anna Maria Island is one of the most popular vacation islands in the USA. The beautiful white beaches and turquoise sea are very special features of Anna Maria Island. It is therefore not surprising that Tripadvisor regularly ranks Anna Maria as one of „America’s #1 Beach Vacation Destinations“.

About Us

As Managing Director, Roman Eckert manages the operational business on site. He lives with his family in Sarasota/FL and oversees ongoing projects, looks for new opportunities and takes care of the management, letting and maintenance on site. He has decades of experience in the real estate business and has excellent contacts in the region.

Detlef Milkereit is the managing partner of the Milkereit & Co. group of companies in Neuss/Düsseldorf. Thanks to his decades of
decades of experience in the insurance, banking and real estate business, he has excellent contacts to banks and potential investors in Germany. Together with Roman Eckert, he is responsible for the company’s financial planning. This includes regular discussions with banks and private investors locally and in Germany.


Purchase of land/properties

Thanks to our excellent local network on the island, we have access to plots of land that are for sale. These local relationships are particularly important, as there are hardly any undeveloped plots on the island and you need to get information early on about who wants to sell their developed property.

The vacation island of Anna Maria Island is particularly popular and in demand among Americans and Canadians, as the weather allows for a year-round season and all the houses are just a few steps from the sea. There are no hotels there, only vacation homes and apartments.


We always aim to offer the best properties on the rental market in terms of quality, usability and fittings. This is the only way to ensure optimum rentability. Accordingly, usable areas are intelligently planned both inside and out, for example with a spacious pool area, barbecue area and several balconies outside. Inside, the bedrooms are connected to separate bathrooms with high-quality fittings and the living/dining area also meets the highest standards.


The properties are built by the construction company of our local partner. The building style combines German-European construction quality with American requirements and visual recognition value in Florida style. The construction company is very experienced, having built several dozen houses on the island.


In the properties you will find lovingly and high-quality furnished rooms. Each bedroom is individually furnished. All living concepts are inspired by current furnishing ideas and trends. For example, many children’s rooms have their own PlayStation.

Renting and marketing

The professional letting agency AMI Locals organizes the letting of all properties with excellent letting rates in recent years. AMI Locals also assists with the sale of the properties.

Modern 4-bedroom houses achieve weekly rents of more than $9,000 in the high season, with sustainable and demonstrable rental yields of 10 % – 15 % gross p.a. There are no more undeveloped plots.

Triton Bend II LLC therefore acquires plots of land with old houses and builds new, modern and sought-after vacation homes in their place within the scope of the building law with the aim of either selling them after completion or keeping them in its own portfolio.

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Frequently asked questions

Triton Bend II LLC buys plots of land (usually developed) on Anna Maria Island in Florida, USA, and redevelops the areas. High-quality vacation homes with large usable areas such as a pool, barbecue, etc. are being built. These houses are built to the highest quality standards and professionally rented out. These projects are financed with investor capital, among other things. The houses are generally held for at least one year before being sold.

Triton Bend II LLC was founded in 2012. The three partners are Detlef Milkereit, Roman Eckert and Rüdiger Günther. In the operational business, the tasks are distributed as follows: Detlef Milkereit’s area of responsibility includes finance, investors and contracts. Roman Eckert is responsible for purchasing, construction and letting.

Triton Bend II LLC develops high-quality and modern vacation homes in Florida / USA on Anna Maria Island. These houses are both rented out and sold to end investors.

Anna Maria Island is a very popular and highly sought-after vacation island, especially among US citizens and Canadians. Hence the focus on the construction of high-quality vacation properties on Anna Maria Island.

We acquire existing properties in good, developable locations, mostly detached houses / bungalows with smaller living space, single storey and large front gardens etc. These existing buildings are completely demolished and replaced by larger new buildings – vacation homes with several floors and generous usable space. We are creating significantly more square meters of living space on the same footprint. From purchasing, planning and construction to letting and sales, everything is managed from a single source. Triton Bend II LLC has built up a network of professional partners over the years.

Anna Maria Island is a highly sought-after vacation island and has everything that characterizes a vacation island due to its beautiful location on the Gulf of Mexico. The island’s long history as a vacation destination has led to an increase in demand and supply prices in particular. The island has been one of the one million dollar cities in the USA since 2018. This means that the average value of a house is more than 1 million US dollars. In addition, the island was named „America’s #1 Beach Vacation Destination“ by tripadvisor.

Mainly US citizens and Canadians, but also tourists from all over the world.

Investors from all over the world.